Saturday, September 3, 2011

Take the stairs

You know, before my accident I never really appreciated elevators or automatic doors. (They were a kind of convenience, you know like when a fast food restaurant puts salt and pepper packets in your bag in the drive-thru. You could have gone without them, but it's nice that someone put them there.) When I had the use of my legs, I still had another option, I could always take the stairs. On rare occasions I did take the stairs, but not very often.

I have a new understanding of elevators and automatic doors now. They are essential and allow me to move throughout a buildings many levels. Without an elevator, I am now unable to get to the next floor. Without automatic doors, I have to try to keep the wheelchair stopped, while pulling on a door that opens outward. (A task that I am told that I will unfortunately get better at.)

I didn't understand what these "conveniences" meant to people that had no other option.

I wish now, that I would have taken the stairs more often.

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  1. I remember (in the old days at EDS) we used to tease each other about who could keep talking all the way up the stairs to the 5th floor. It got quiet pretty fast!