Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Stairs

One hurdle of accessibility in the house was going to be the stairs to the basement. We recognized the problem when Grandpa moved in with us. It was very difficult and took a few people to get him upstairs. We would roll him up the back hill, around to the front of the house, and lift him up the 3 stairs into the main level. This worked OK until it was raining or there was snow on the ground. (Eric and I slipped in the mud once and almost lost him down the back hill one night)

Last Friday, my therapists took me home and did my home evaluation. As expected, they confirmed the need for a stairlift of some type for safe transport to both levels. I researched lifts over the weekend and found that the least expensive units cost around $2000 plus installation. With our current financial situation a lift would have to wait until I could get back to work in order to pay for it.

Monday morning, both my occupational therapist and my physical therapist ran into my room with a printed e-mail. A previous patient of Mary Free Bed had an adjustable stairlift that she wanted to donate to anyone who needed one. Angie called that morning and the lift is ours. Her son is removing the lift and we can pick it up as soon as it's out. 

From the moment of my accident, its been very obvious that someone was watching over me and providing everything that I needed. This ordeal has reaffirmed our families trust in God. I truly believe that he understood our financial situation and therefore made that lift available to us. He knew that it was the last piece needed in order to complete the home transformation. 

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