Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pool Therapy

For the last 3 months, these anchors that I used to call legs have been a heavy burden for every movement I have attempted. Legs in the wrong location or pointed the wrong way can stop me from the movement I'm trying to accomplish. Getting dressed requires lifting each foot and leg while threading the clothing onto my lifeless bottom half. I often think how wonderful it would be to take the weight and non movement of my legs out of the equation for just a short time.

The solution:

The therapists load me into a mesh chair attached to a crane in the ceiling and I am lifted above the side of the pool. They slowly lower me into the pool and I loose the weight of the anchors. My legs become weightless and I'm floating. For the 1st time since the accident, I don't have these anchors holding me back. Therapy takes me through some simple swim strokes and then let's me float around. Next, therapy holds me by the shoulders and slowly pulls my body around 180 degrees and then returns at the same speed. As the water rushes along my body, I become so relaxed. This continues until the time is up on my session and I'm removed from the water by the same mesh chair and crane.

Getting back into my wheelchair, my anchors reappear and I'm reminded again of reality...

Until my next pool therapy

(Stock Photo from Mary Free Bed Website: Not me)

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