Monday, September 12, 2011


When we look for someone to share our lives with, we look at many qualities in these people. We look at their morals, their capacity to love, and their spirituality to name just a few. One quality that should not be overlooked is Strength. Not strength as in physical strength, but strength as an individual. Webster defines this type of strength as: one regarded as embodying or affording force or firmness. This type of strength is what keeps a person from giving up in adversity.

The strongest person that I have ever met is my wife.

Never once has she made me feel even 1% responsible for this, never once has her support even wavered, and never once has she not been there for me. From the moment that the Dr. informed us that I would be paralyzed, she has been there pulling for me. After hearing this life changing diagnosis, I didn't even have a chance to feel sorry for myself, my wife stood by my side and told me that we could do this.

When I've needed to cry, she has been there with a shoulder; when I've needed a push to keep going, she has been the drill sargent; and when I've thought I couldn't go any father, she has been my rock.

We have cried together and prayed together. I could not imagine going through this without her love and support. I love you so much Angie.

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  1. Stop making me cry! I love you honey! You and the kids are my everything! God set us on the same path in life to meet and start our lives together and I will not waiver from it! Our love doesn't need legs to carry it. I just need you!