Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mary Free Bed

Prequel: On May 10, 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I was traveling on a 2 lane highway when a driver in the oncoming lane attempted to pass a semi-truck. The driver swerved into my lane and we collided head-on. I fractured both of my arms, both of my wrists, my sternum, my pelvis in multiple areas. I also completely severed my spine at T-12. I spent a week in Memorial Hospital Intensive Care, 4 weeks in the main hospital, and 8 weeks in a nursing home.

Present Day: After 3 months of hospitals and nursing homes, I've finally made it to Mary Free Bed. My doctor finally cleared me to weight bear on both of my arm. In my first day here, I have learned more and progressed further than in anytime since the accident. The doctors, nurses, and therapists here are wonderful!
I have multiple therapy sessions 7 days a week.

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