Friday, February 17, 2012

Handicap Parking

Caution: This may offend some portions of my reading audience.

I get an odd look from people when I pull into the handicap parking spot in front of a business. Most of the time it's an older man or older woman who first notice. They notice a younger person invading on their "age earned" preferential parking location.
Evidentially, the Americans with Disabilities Act left out the minimum age requirement clause when defining who can use the parking spaces.

Maybe the logo on the blue sign needs to be something other than a wheelchair?

Often, the looks begin change as I open the doors and start to assemble my wheelchair on the pavement. My favorite look is the second they realize that I'm in a wheelchair. Then I get the maybe I judged this guy too fast look.

The handicap spot might be more convenient and easier on your legs, but remember they were designed for people in wheelchairs; those who can't use their legs at all.

Here is a simple test:
If you require a handicap parking spot to provide enough room to a) extend your wheelchair ramp, b) assemble your wheelchair, or c) can only walk with the assistance of a walker: by all means park in the area.
If a, b, or c are not true, then leave the spot for someone who requires the additional space. Because, someday it might be you looking for a parking place wide enough to get your wheelchair out.

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